Handheld Mice

There are many different styles and shapes of mouse. Some are generally available and some are more specificaly designed for people with disabilities and only available from specialist suppliers.

Handshoe Mouse £130

Handshoe MouseAllows the arm to rest comfortably on the desk supporting the hand

Evoluent mouse £65

Evoluent MouseKeeps the wrist joint aligned with the hand on its side

Grip mouse £35

Grip MouseEliminates arm twisting by keeping the forearm in a neutral position

Joystick Mouse (£189)

Joystick MouseThere are various joystick mice that can help when control of the movement or finger control is an issue.

Kensington optical expert  £56

Kensington optical expert  Large 55mm ball for maximum precision, control and comfort. Detachable wrist rest cradles hand in comfort.


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