Assistive Technology Links

Tecla Shield

The Tecla Shield gives those with limited upper body mobility access to their touchscreen devices. Tecla makes it possible to use iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as computers. All are accessible via assistive buttons, switches or wheelchair driving controls.


The KinesicMouse introduces a leap in assistive technologies. Combined with the latest 3D camera technology the KinesicMouse is a hands-free input device for the most demanding tasks possible, developed and designed with attention to efficiency, maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Sesame Phone

The Sesame phone works by tracking the user’s head movements using the built-in, front-facing camera on the phone. These tracked movements are combined with cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to create a cursor that appears on the screen of the phone, similar to a cursor you would see on a computer screen.

The on-screen cursor is controlled by the position and movements of a user’s head, and supports even minimal movements. You can operate any and all features of the device that you would normally operate using one finger on screen. Touch, swipe, browse, play, download, and more - it’s all possible using the Sesame smartphone.

Apple Switch Access

Switch Control lets you control your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using a single switch, or multiple switches. Use any of several methods to perform actions such as selecting, tapping, dragging, typing, and even freehand drawing. The basic technique is to use a switch to select an item or location on the screen, and then use the same (or a different) switch to choose an action to perform on that item or location.